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About Tekirova

About Tekirova

About Tekirova

About Tekirova:

Approximately 17 km from Kemer to the west. Tekirova is one of the most popular holiday resorts of Antalya with its magnificent natural beauties, about 3.7 km of beach, beach, sea and high quality hotels and holiday centers.

Places to Visit in Tekirova - What to Do in Tekirova?

The blue flag of Tekirova beach and the sea also offers nice facilities for holidaymakers. You can sunbathe at Tekirova beach, enjoy the crystal clear sea and enjoy the various water sports facilities. Approximately 3.7 km of sandy beach of Tekirova is quite long, and the hotel has its own beaches, and there is also a Tekirova Public Beach for holidaymakers. Entrance to Tekirova Public Beach is free, but you will pay an umbrella (5 TL) and sunbeds (10 TL) for a fee.


Diving and Snorkeling in Three Islands

Kemer's most famous and popular diving point, Üç Adalar, is located very close to Tekirova. For this reason, you can enjoy the daily diving and snorkeling of the Three Islands through diving centers in Tekirova.

It is also popular in nearby Tekirova (22.7 km.), Cirali (24.1 km.), Yanartas (25.8 km.) And Tahtalı Mountain (Olympos Cable Car) (14.1 km.). you can see it.

Shopping in Tekirova - What to Buy in Tekirova?

In Tekirova, big and small bazaars, supermarkets, markets and shops are full of holidaymakers and you can find everything you need with a holiday. Jewelery, leather, carpets, rugs, clothing, regional flavors and souvenir shops are concentrated.

Eating in Tekirova - What to eat in Tekirova?

The eating and drinking facilities in Tekirova are very diverse. In Tekirova you can find all kinds of restaurants and cafes which are suitable for your taste and many other cuisines of the world. Seafood and herbs are popular in Tekirova, where Mediterranean cuisine is popular. Also fast food, kokorec and mussels are popular places to eat. Hulukli, flavor output, cive and wrapping are among the popular regional delicacies in Tekirova.

Nightlife in Tekirova

Nightlife in Tekirova is in a quiet mode. Live music, karaoke and various entertainment activities are organized at various cafes, restaurants and bars in Tekirova. Tekirova is 21 km away from Kemer, the center of Kemer's popular and vibrant entertainment and nightlife. In the center of Kemer where popular nightclubs and discos are located, you can have a nice entertainment and life experience.

Tekirova Accommodation - Where to Stay in Tekirova

Antalya Kemer is one of the most popular tourism centers in Kemer, 5-star hotels, ultra-inclusive and all-inclusive holiday resort resorts, as well as boutique hotels, budget hotels and hostels from budget to all kinds of accommodation offers holidaymakers.

How to get to Tekirova? - Transportation to Tekirova

You have to come to Antalya first to reach Tekirova. 50 km from Antalya to Kemer Kumluca. Then you reach Tekirova. Kemer is about 17 km. Away. There are regular bus services from the Antalya terminal.

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