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How to buy property in Turkey

How to buy property in Turkey

  • Do you still think it worth buying property in Turkey?
  • Or maybe you have already decided that you want to have your piece of a sunny resort?

In any , I want to understand what you will have to face and what procedure to go through to achieve a long-awaited dream. We will talk about this now.

Buying a property can be divided into several stages.

1. Determination of the main parameters of the object.

  • Before proceeding with the search for a specific object,
  • it is necessary to determine the parameters and requirements for our future real estate.
  • This includes both the requirements for the object itself (apartment or villa, how many s, rooms, footage, furniture, etc.),
  • and the requirements for the infrastructure of the complex (pool, sauna, children's playground).
  • It is important to take into account the location of the object: proximity to the sea, distance from the center, from the airport,
  • as well as the infrastructure of the area itself (availability of shops, pharmacies, possibly proximity to schools and kindergartens).
  • That is, it is necessary to think in detail about what the object should be.
  • And already on the basis of these parameters to begin the search.

2. ion of options.

  • When choosing an object, you can independently explore and options on the Internet, or you can negotiate with the Real Estate Agency, which will options according to your criteria.
  • Perhaps the main thing is not to be lazy: read reviews by various agencies and, for a start, study the market yourself in order to have an idea of ​​what is offered and at what price.

3. View and an object.

  • Suppose you have settled on several options that fit your criteria.
  • Now you need to examine them. You negotiate with the sellers or with the Agency about viewing,
  • fly to Turkey and start the inspection. By the way, many real estate agencies offer a so-called Study Tour,
  • during which you are shown the options.
  • When thinking about how to get to the resort on your own, please note that sometimes buying a ready-made tour to a cheap hotel can be cheaper than just buying airline tickets.

4. Verification of documents.

  • The document confirming the right to property is Tapu.
  • All real estate transactions and procedures in Turkey are carried out through the Cadastral Administration.
  • Thus, the legality of the transaction is guaranteed at the state level.
  • Therefore, it is up to the Cadastral Administration to check Tapu.
  • Pay attention to the correspondence of the address and cadastral number of the site,
  • the absence of restrictions and encumbrances on this object, as well as the owner specified in the Tapu.
  • If the sale of the apartment is not the owner or several owners, it is necessary to have a general power of attorney (s) to complete the sale procedure.

5. Conclusion of the contract of sale.

  • After checking the documents, you can proceed to the conclusion of the sales contract.
  • At registration you will need photocopies of your passport (2 copies) and 3 photos (3x4). According to Turkish law,
  • the Treaty is necessarily compiled in 2 languages: Russian and Turkish.
  • A contract is concluded between the seller and the buyer.
  • The mediator (if available) must also attest to the fact of the transaction with his signature.
  • Please note that, according to the law, transactions for buying and selling real estate in Turkey can only be carried out by Turkish citizens, so your mediator must have the appropriate citizenship.
  • At the conclusion of the sales contract prepayment is made.
  • As a rule, it is 5-10%. The remaining payments will be made in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
  • Attention! A signed purchase agreement, even notarized, does not give the buyer ownership of the object.
  • This right gives only receipt addressed to the buyer Tapu.

6. Getting a tax number.

  • Obtaining a tax number (vergi) is obligatory buying property in Turkey.
  • It is easy to get it, in the Tax Office upon presentation of a passport.

7. Opening a bank account.

  • The next step is to open a bank account in any Bank of Turkey.
  • To do this, you will need a passport with a photocopy, a tax number (obtained in Turkey),
  • as well as a document confirming your registration (internal passport).

8. Obtaining permission from the Military Department.

  • Obtaining permission from the Military Office in Izmir confirming that the land where the property is located is not used by the state and the military department.
  • Since the end of 2013, this procedure has been simplified. If the complex has already obtained a permit for a foreigner,
  • then all other citizens of foreign countries purchasing property in the same area can get Tapu without submitting documents to the Military Department.

9. Getting Tapu.

  • At this stage, all prepared documents are given to the Cadastral Office.
  • Having received permission there, in the State Registration Chamber there is a transfer of ownership of the property to the buyer and issued to Tapu.
  • Required documents: notarized translation of the passport into Turkish, valid for at least six months, 2 photos, payment of state fees.
  • Upon receipt of the tapu is paid tax on the purchase of real estate. It is 4% of the cadastral value of the object specified in the Tapu.
  • Getting Tapu is possible only after full payment of the property value.

10. Insurance and re-registration of meters.

  • So you became the full owner of the real estate in Turkey.
  • Now it is necessary to issue DASK - a policy of compulsory insurance of real estate in of fire, explosion, earthquake, as well as a landslide caused by an earthquake. Its design is required.
  • You will also need to transfer the electricity and water meters to the new owner.
  • We reviewed the main points and stages of buying property in Turkey.
  • Is it worth it to buy property in Turkey or not, it's up to you.
  • We hope that our article will help you navigate the sequence of steps and important points.

Successful and easy shopping for you!

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