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Manavgat residence permit

Manavgat residence permit

Foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit in Manavgat ​​address is required to prepare documents.

Manavgat is a compulsory private health insurance for the residence permit in the foreign health insurance policy.

Get an immediate offer from our Insurance Agency for the current prices of the private residence in Antalya.

Manavgat insurance companies compare the most appropriate foreign health insurance offers.

How to obtain a foreign residence permit?

Antalya residence permit,

In order to get a residence permit, first of all the foreign nationals who have to be made to have private health insurance and to make an online appointment from the e - residence system. To apply for a residence permit, you must make an appointment by entering the E - Residence section of the website of the Migration Management Web Site. the residence permit application form should be printed out and printed. The necessary documents for the residence permit are required according to the residence permit.

It is important that foreign nationals who apply for a residence permit keep their confirmation message!

Because the appointment message is required to validate the Application Form, a confirmation message is required.

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