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What is housing?

What is housing(İskan)?

The house which has a resettlement means the house that has been granted a residence permit. The question ir What is a settlement? Soru is one of the important questions in the minds of many buyers who intend to buy a new house. Particularly, the fact that 60% of the completed buildings in our country are not occupied makes this issue more important.


Although the settlement is one of the most needed subjects for the people who will get the house, unfortunately, a way to reach this information is not yet provided by the public. The most accurate address for the need for housing inquiry is to have an experienced consultant to identify and protect the risks of getting an impossible building. For details related to housing, the experts first use the information available on the deed of the apartment. In the light of the information on the land registry, it is clearly determined whether the building is located in the area of ​​the settlement and whether there is an obstacle to the settlement. In other words, a simple method of questioning the resettlement from the internet is unfortunately not available. Therefore, the answer to the question of what is resettlement is to have a clear place in the minds of all those who will buy real estate.

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