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Places to visit in Kalkan | History of Kalkan

 Places to visit in Kalkan | History of Kalkan

Kalkan Town

Kalkan Town is connected to Kaş District of Antalya. Kalkan's distance to Kaş is 25 km. d. It was built on the shore of a beautiful bay. It serves thousands of tourists every year with its hotels, hostels, restaurants, entertainment places, beaches and shopping places. Antalya is an important tourism center that mainly hosts European tourists. Kalkan is 215 km from Antalya and 234 km from the plateau.

The history of the shield is believed to have been established by merchants from the Greek island of Meis, located near it 150 - 200 years ago. Kalkan, famous for its white houses, is an old Greek fishing village called "Kalamaki" until the 1920s. The church of the village that remained from those days is used as a mosque today.

The famous Patara Beach is 16 km from the center of Kalkan. In the center of Kalkan, next to the marina, there is the Blue Flag "Kalkan Public Beach" which can be swim for 9 months of the year. Besides the cleanliness is a well maintained facility. Again the world-famous Kaputas Beach is located on the highway connecting Kalkan and Kas. The distance from the beach to Kalkan is 7 km. Again, Firnaz Bay is a bay of unique beauty which is under protection.

Saklikent Canyon, Blue Cave, Bezirgan Plateau and Gombe Plateau are important natural beauties located around Kalkan.

There are important ancient cities around Kalkan. These are Patara Ancient City, Letoon Ancient City, Xanthos Ancient City.

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