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About Patara Ancient City | Patara Ruins | Patara Beach

About Patara Ancient City | Patara Ruins | Patara Beach

Patara Antique City is 16 km from Kalkan, while Kasa is 42.5 km away. It is reached by turning to Patara (Gelemiş Village) from the hub at the entrance of Ova Town at 10 km of Kaş Fethiye highway. There are large signposts in the hub above the highway.

When you pass the village of Gelemis, you enter the toll booths and the ancient city starts. Patara Antique City is spread over a wide area. When planning a trip, it is worth spending a long time and being prepared for a walk. The public part of the famous Patara Beach is reached after the ancient city.

Patara Beach

Not in Turkey, all known as one of the world's most beautiful beach of Patara Beach, about 18 kilometers in length and almost with Koç has been a haven qualities. resembling the Maldives, with white sands of this beach, which allows you to spread holiday where you can enjoy the sea kılacak.ekolojik memorable holiday in Turkey the concept of Patara Beach attracts the world, literally. There is much to expect in Patara, both with its history and its nature.

Patara Antique City, which is located in Ovagelemiş Village in the southwest end of Xanthos Valley between Fethiye and Kalkan, is one of the most important and oldest cities of Lycia. In addition to its archaeological and historical values, the ancient city of Patara is of particular importance as it is one of the rare beaches where Mediterranean turtles Caretta-Carettas lay their eggs and fry for millions of years.

The city covers an area of ​​10 km2 between the Doğucasarı Acropolis wall and the Western Wall on the Alakür Hill and between Kurşunlutepe rising in Limanağzı in the south and Kısık Pass which is the entrance to the city in the north. Patara, which has continued to be an important city throughout the history because it is the only place in the Xanthos valley that can be opened to the sea, is named as PTTARA in the Lycian language on the inscriptions and coins. It is called Patara in Hellenistic and later periods and Batara in Arab sources.

The oldest lighthouse in the world.

The inscription on the lighthouse. It was built by the Roman Emperor Nero (64/65 BC).The world's oldest lighthouse is known as Alexandria in Egypt.But there is not a single building block from the lighthouse. The oldest standing lighthouse was located in Lacarunya, Spain.However, this lighthouse is not original because it was rebuilt in the 19th century.Moreover, Patara Lighthouse is 60 years older than Lacarunya.All of the building blocks of the Patara Lighthouse remain.Roman Emperor Nero built two lighthouses in Patara about 2,000 years ago. For centuries, the lighthouse that led sailors was destroyed by a large tsunami.The marks of the tsunami are still standing on the lighthouse. Patara Lighthouse is the only lighthouse in the world that can survive for 2,000 years. Today it is waiting to be repaired.

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