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About Letoon Ancient City | History of the ancient city of Letoon

About Letoon Ancient City | History of the ancient city of Letoon

Letoon Ancient City

Letoon Antique City is located within the borders of Kumluova Town of Fethiye District. Kas is approximately 6 km from Kinik Town (Xanthos Antique City). The distance to the ancient city of Patara is 24 km. The distance to Kaş is 51 km. The ancient city of Letoon covers a flat and not very wide area. But the monuments it contains, the monuments repaired and the story must be seen. Letoon, Xanthos and Patara can be visited within the same day with the requirement to reserve a full day.

Letoon was the religious center of Lycia in ancient times. This sanctuary includes the temples of Leto, Apollo and Artemis, a monastery, a fountain and the ruins of the Roman Theater.The largest temple dedicated to Leto, the mother of Artemis and Apollo, is the Leto Temple in the west, built in the style of peripteros, and 15.75 m to 30.25 m. in size.The Temple of Apollo, built in the Doric style in the east, is less preserved than the Leto temple and is 27.07 m. It is smaller with dimensions.The temple of Artemis, which is the smallest temple in the middle of both temples, is 18.20 m. dimensions. Letoon, along with Xanthos, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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