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Highlands of Kemer

Highlands of Kemer

Highlands of Kemer:Besides its beautiful sea and entertainments Kemer attracts a lot of holidaymakers each year with its natural beauties. Especially on the hottest times of summer, flatlands attract a lot of tourist with its chilly weather.

Kemer is surrounded by mountains on one side and by sea on the other side. Conspicuous with its hot weather Kemer’s flatlands glamorize holidaymakers with soothing climate and perfect view.

Particularly Beycik, Ovacık, Kuzdere and Üçoluk, Kemer’s flatlands are known with their natural beauties and perfect views and attract local people every summer seans along with domestic and foreign tourists.

Highlands of Kemer

Gedelme Plateau

18 km west of Kemer, Gedelme Plateau is an old settlement located at the borders of Kuzdere District. Especially in the summer months, there are local people who live in the winter months in the highland. Apple and walnut cultivation is done in the plateau with an altitude of 700 m. The plateau, which is located on the Beycik-Yaylakuzdere-Gedelme-Göynük Plateau route, is one of the most important frequencies of the trekking groups. In addition, the Kemer Beydağları hiking and cycling trails in the region show interest in the Gedelme plateau, which enjoys domestic and foreign nature in all seasons of the year. There is a very well preserved Byzantine medieval fortress in the region. Fortress by Jacobek It's dated to the 9th century. The name is the Byzantine fortress of Kadrama / Gedelma, which means Kal grain phrygmos G - grain drying, cereal pit Ad. One of the places to see going to Gedelme is the Cheese Hole cave. The total length of the Cheese Hole cave, located right next to the castle, is 74 m. Again, the deepest place of the cave is -19 m. as indicated. Yet Turkey is located between the ancient trees with a giant 2,500 year-old husband Sycamore is located next to the castle body.
Besides the accommodation facility in the plateau, there are restaurant establishments.

How to go to Gedelme Plateau?
Gedelme Plateau is 60 km from Antalya city center and 18 km from Kemer. Kuzdere Mahallesi Kes Boğazı is provided by asphalt road. In summer, you can visit Gedelme Plateau with minibuses and private vehicles.

Highlands of Kemer

Üçoluk Plateau

Approximately 37 km from Kemer. Located at an altitude of 1,500 meters, Üçoluk Plateau is within the boundaries of the Ulupınar neighborhood and is an ideal location for camping enthusiasts with its magnificent natural beauty cedar trees.
It is possible to reach Üçoluk Plateau by the 37 km road which extends between cedar trees as the pine rises before the arch. Üçoluk plateau, which is located at an altitude of 1500 meters, is rich in flora and fauna.
The simple highland houses on the plateau, which does not have infrastructure services such as electricity and telephone, are integrated with cedar and juniper trees and offer wonderful natural beauties.
Apart from winter months, Kemer Beydağları offers walking and cycling tours in the region.

How To Get To Üçoluk Plateau?
Üçoluk Plateau is located 37 km from Kemer and is provided with a stabilized road via Beycik Plateau. Camping and trekking programs are organized through travel agencies in Kemer and Cirali region.

Highlands of Kemer

Beycik Plateau

Beycik is a beautiful and quiet mountain village in the Kemer district of Antalya. Located in the Bey Mountains National Park, on the outskirts of the Tahtalı Mountain overlooking the sea, a residential area with wonderful sea and mountain views. The extraordinary mountain view you can see from anywhere in the village invites you to stop and take a deep breath. On the other hand, the view of the Tekirova Üç Adalar is evident. So much so that you want to take all the breath in a breath and carry it with you. One of the most beautiful features of the Beycik Plateau, located at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level, is its air. Factors such as low humidity, lack of city noise, and natural food offer a more healthy life.
Beycik Plateau is located on the Çıralı-Beycik-Tahtalı Mountain - Yaylakuzdere route of the historical Lycian road and it is one of the most important stops of trekking groups. In addition, Kemer Beydağları Hiking Trail is located in the region and nature lovers who want to spend a day with nature offers many options. Beycik Plateau with the most beautiful view of the Tahtali Mountain, you can live on a adventure full of adventure to the 2365 m peak with mountain climbing routes. In addition to the accommodation facilities, there are also restaurant establishments.

How to Get to Beycik Plateau?
Beycik Plateau is 70 km to Antalya and 25 km to Kemer. Asphalt road transportation is provided. You can easily visit Beycik Plateau with minibuses and travel agencies in both summer and winter.

Highlands of Kemer

Yayla Kuzdere

Yaylakuzdere is a quiet and quiet settlement in the Kuzdere neighborhood of Kemer district, with a magnificent mountain view overlooking the northern slopes of Tahtali Mountain. In summer, the village is preferred by the people of the village in the winter months, a few families remain. It is one of the accommodation areas of the highland walking groups on the Beycik-Yaylakuzdere-Gedelme route of the historical Lycian road. Village houses accommodation facilities in the plateau. In the highland with an altitude of 950 m, walnut cultivation is carried out by local people. Yayla kuzdere, one of the plateaus where you will find the chance to watch the coastal volcanoes from the top, is one of the rare regions where you can stay alone with nature in the greenery.

How to go to Yayla Kuzdere?
Antalya is 70 km from Yayla Kuzdere, while Kemer is 28 km away. Asphalt road transportation is provided. In summer, you can visit Yayla Kuzdere plateau with special vehicle.

Highlands of Kemer

Ovacik Plateau

Ovacık Plateau is located 24 km west of Kemer and has a large area. It is an ideal highland settlement with an elevation of 1100 m. In the last years, there are Teke Mountain with an altitude of 2150 m which is the favorite place of mountain climbers. From Ovacık plateau, you can enjoy the Mediterranean view over the coastal volcanoes. There is a facility that serves as a mountain hotel in the region which can be intertwined with nature. Local people do wheat cultivation in small plains and large ovacik plains in addition to walnut cultivation in the region.
Ovacık plateau location has been a transition point between Beydağları from past to present. Beycik-Goynuk Canyon and Phaselis - Goynuk Canyon are the historical Lycian roads. In addition, the Kemer Bey Mountains, which are located in the region, use the routes found in Ovacık Plateau, which is popular for both domestic and foreign nature with its hiking and cycling trails and jeep safari tours.

How to Get Ovacik Plateau?
Ovacik Plateau is 50 km away from Antalya city center and 64 km away from Kemer. It is possible to reach Kuzdere Mahallesi from Kemer from asphalt road by road. In summer, you can visit Ovacık Plateau with minibuses and private vehicle

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