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Antalya Kemer health insurance | foreign health insurance

Antalya Kemer health insurance

Foreign health insurance

Antalya Kemer health insurance

 Foreigners' insurance in Antalya Foreign medical insurance

For foreign nationals who want to get a residence permit in Antalya, the

 Health insurance is offered with comprehensive, comprehensive and cheapest economic prices.


Foreign national health insurance, One-year foreign health insurance for short term residence permit is issued.

A two-year pistol for long-term authorization is issued if health insurance is requested.

Insurance policy produced in foreign health insurance policies '' This policy is 10.05.2016 date and 16 numbered visa and

the minimum coverage structure stated in the Circular on the health insurance to be made in the demand for residence permit. ''.

Foreign health insurance is also available for the family residence permit.

Foreign students save money with the cheapest economic foreign health insurance for student residence zini.

General health insurance for foreigners sgk or

Foreign national health insurance is a prerequisite for applying for a residence permit.

Residence Permit - Documents Required for Residence Permit

The list of required documents is different for each application, you can determine the type that suits you and examine below.

Documents Required for Short-Term Residence Permit

Residence Permit

Photocopy of the passaport

Residence permit application form (leaving the system)

Private health insurance

4 biometric photos

Location document

Notarized lease agreement for tenants

Guest statement from the notary public for guests

Notarized translation of apostilli birth certificate for children under 18

Apostille consent of a parent who is not accompanied by one parent or other father under 18 years of age.

A copy of the title deed and the photocopy of the landlord can be requested together with the lease agreement.

Service Request Form

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