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About Kemer | Geography of Kemer | Climate of Kemer | Kemer Ruins

About Kemer

General information about Kemer

The population of Kemer is 43,226 compared to 2018.

Kemer is a district of Antalya West Taurus Mountains and 52 kilometers along the coast of Kemer, is one of Turkey's most important tourism centers. At the site of Kemer, in the 1910s, there was a settlement known as Eski Köy, which consisted of lakes and marshes as a result of floods from the mountains. To protect themselves from these floods, the people of the old village built a 23 km long stone wall on the slopes of the mountains. Later, because of this wall they will call their village Kemer.

because it is not the highway until 1960, transportation only in Kemer provided road sea, road covered South implemented after the 1980 Antalya Tourism Project and attaining other infrastructure value developed rapidly and has become today one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations. The district of Kemer and settlements such as Kiriş, Tekirova, Arslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Çamyuva, Göynük, Beldibi and Çıralı occupy an important place in the tourism of Antalya.

One of the main attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty. The sea, the forest and the mountains meet at one point. The clarity of the sea, the greenery of the forest, the sea waves extending to the pine trees and the use of pine trees as shades on the beaches are quite attractive. The whole coast starting from Beldibi to Tekirova is a completely natural beach.

There are many bays and small natural harbors on the indented coast. The beaches in the center of Kemer are the Municipal Beach and the Ayışığı Beach which is located next to the marina. It is possible to swim easily in places such as Phaselis beach, the national park where the ancient city is still standing.

It is possible to use the swimming pools and beaches of the accommodation for a fee. The ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis can be reached from Kemer. Safari tours to high places such as Söğüt Cuması, Altınkaya and Dereköy have attracted much attention in recent years.

In addition, other caves in the region are the charm. These caves: Beldibi cave 27 km south-west of Antalya is located by the sea. There are also prehistoric ruins. Another cave worth seeing is the Molla hole. It is located on the eastern slope of Tahtali Mountain rising to the west of Kemer. This cave can only be reached by foot from the villages of Aşağı Kuzdere or Tekirova on the Kemer - Kumluca highway. You must walk 3-4 hours from both villages. Kemer, with its modern marina with a capacity of 320 yachts, is an important place in yacht tourism. The marina and the 52 km coastline were awarded the Blue Flag by meeting the criteria set by the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEEK).

The Kemer Region is home to many activities during the touristic period. Phaselis Art Events, Off-Shore Racing in Kemer, Turkey leg of the World Rally Championship (WRC Rally of Turkey) Various activities such as Carnival in Kemer are organized throughout the season and contribute greatly to the social and touristic life of the region. The places to be seen around Kemer are: Idryos, Phaselis Antique City, Olympos Antique City, Chimera (Yanar Stone), Adrasan, Three Islands, Goynuk Canyon, Twin Rocks, Ekopark, Ulupinar and Seljuk Hunting Lodge.

Neighborhoods of Kemer

Kemer has a total of 12 neighborhoods.Beycik Quarter, Beldibi Quarter, Yeni Quarter, Çamyuva Quarter, Tekirova Quarter, Ovacık Quarter, Kuzdere Quarter, Kiriş Quarter, Arslanbucak Quarter, Merkez Quarter, Ulupınar Quarter, Göynük Quarter,

Geography of Kemer

43 km from Antalya. Located at the west of Kemer, west of the Taurus Mountains, 46 km. It is located on the coastline. Kemer, which is surrounded by Mediterranean, west and forests, has an area of 53.483 km². Kemer's 45,000 hectares of land is covered with forests. Surrounded by forests and mountains on one side of the sea, the region has become the passion of nature lovers. With its structure at the point where the green and blue meet, Kemer captures the hearts visually. Kemer, which is in the west of Antalya and attracts attention with its nature embracing nature, promises its visitors a visual feast. With its location and structure, the region, which has become one of the most important tourism centers of Antalya, also allows many nature sports to be done.

Climate in Kemer

Kemer has hot and dry summers, warm and rainy winters and has a continental, mediterranean climate. In Summers average temperature is between 28-36° and  middays it is possible to see 40° plus temperatures. In January average temperature changes between 10-20° and it is not raining the weather is mostly sunny. In Kemer average relative humidity is around 64%. In coastal regions, summers are both long and hot and even in winters the weather is mostly warm. It rains mostly in December and January and  also in spring. 40-50 days of year the weather is overcast and rainy in coastal regions.

Information about Folklorik Yörük Park

  • Folklorik Yörük Park, which is located in Kemer, Antalya, was established in 1982 as a private tourism certified facility.
  • Yoruk Park is located on the peninsula Kucukburun which has the status of State Forest and National Park. Located next to the marina, this area offers a theme park and a living open air folklore museum with its function and concept.
  • If you wish, you can taste the food and drinks that complement this natural and authentic environment. They can also listen to traditional and folkloric music.
  • In the continuation of the field, a 25-year-old forest piece which is decorated with traditional products, supported by natural vegetation and protected by scientific criteria, can be hiking from the panoramic track.
  • There is a mini cafe in Yörük Park. If you're hungry, you can have a snack or a drink to cool off. Prices are moderate in comparison to such places, and they pay for the entrance fee.

Folkloric Yoruk Park Entrance Fee?

Entrance fee of Folklorik Yörük Park is 5 TL. If you shop inside, you get 5 TL discount.

Address: Folklorik Yoruk Park Kemer / Antalya

Phone: +90 242 814 17 77

E-Mail: -

Highlands of Kemer

Besides its beautiful sea and entertainments Kemer attracts a lot of holidaymakers each year with its natural beauties. Especially on the hottest times of summer, flatlands attract a lot of tourist with its chilly weather.Kemer is surrounded by mountains on one side and by sea on the other side. Conspicuous with its hot weather Kemer’s flatlands glamorize holidaymakers with soothing climate and perfect view.Particularly Beycik, Ovacık, Kuzdere and Üçoluk, Kemer’s flatlands are known with their natural beauties and perfect views and attract local people every summer seans along with domestic and foreign tourists.Read more here

Idyros Ancient City

Research is continuing on the ancient city of Idyros, the remains of which were excavated by the Antalya Museum between 1976 and 1977, near the coast of Ayışığı Bay in Kemer. The excavations yielded remains of Byzantine walls, three door jambs and a wall resembling the apse. The floor of the church is covered with mosaics made of orange, tile red, white and gray stones. The ornaments, dominated by geometric motifs, are surrounded by heart-shaped floral borders.

How to get to Idyros?

Idyros Antique City is a 10-minute walk from Kemer city center. Access is by car and entrance is free.

Phaselis Ancient City

After the Çamyuva location on the Antalya Kumluca Highway, you can reach the ancient city located on the beach by 1 km. It is 59 km from Antalya and 15 km from Kemer. Entrance to Phaselis Antique City is chargeable. The city is located on the edge of 3 magnificent bays in the coastal part and in a lush forest. These bays are home to Phaselis Beaches. The buffets of the museum serve those who visit the city and those who enter the sea. It is one of the striking ancient cities that must be visited by the sea.

BC It was one of the most colorful pages in the history of the city to greet Alexander the Great in 333 with a golden crown. Phaselis changed hands many times after Alexander, BC. In 167 he became a member of the Lycian Union and published coins. After a period of exposure to the plunder of pirates and neighboring city Olympos BC. 43 under Roman rule, this period of the city reconstruction of the ancient city of Phaselis on a small peninsula extending to the Mediterranean BC. It is said that it was founded by the colonists of Rhodes in the 7th century. In the legend of the establishment, it is told that the colonists have responded to the local people's suggestions of corn bread or dried fish with the request of barley bread and salted fish.

Its geographical location indicates that it is an important port city. It has three harbors, one on the north of the peninsula and the other on the northeast, and the third on the southwest coast. Harbor, agora and ship depictions on city coins emphasize Phaselis' commercial port identity. Phaselis is sometimes referred to as Lycian and sometimes Pamphylia. It is actually located between the borders of both regions.

  How to go ?

Phaselis Antique City, 20 min. It is away and can also be reached by yacht tours. You can reach the entrance to the Ancient City and walk 30 minutes to reach the ruins. There is parking next to the entrance. Entrance is chargeable.

About olimpos

It is believed that the word "Olympos" means "ancient mountain" in ancient Greek. More than twenty mountains and hills have this name in the world, and some of the towns and cities in the vicinity are also called this. The most famous of these hills is the Thessalian hill, which is considered to be the home of the ancient Greek gods in the northeast of Greece. The ancient city of Olympos takes its name from the Tahtalı mountain, formerly known as the Olympos Mountain. Tahtalı Mountain is located 10 km north of the city and on its outskirts it is known as Yanartas, which is known to be named as Yanartas.       

Olympos was one of the most important cities of ancient Lycian civilization. The foundations of the city in the Hellenistic period, BC. Built around 300. It is known that during the years Alexander the Great began his conquests, he spent the winter months in Phaselis, a port city adjacent to Olympos.

For the first time in history, Olympus was able to trace its history. In the year 78, the Roman Governor Servilius Vatia was found in the year  he defeated Zenicetes, who was the greatest pirate of the time, in the sea battle. Zenicetes, who hid his ships in the secret ports of Porto Ceneviz and Sazak, under the domination of the entire coastline, made Olympos the fortress. The city was re-declared as "ager publicus" (Roman property to be sold or rented) after the Roman domination.     

It is said that the pirates organized strange sacrificial ceremonies and secret rites for the Persian god Mitras. Mitras was the pure god and the god of light in Persian mythology, which was widely believed in many of the eastern countries during those years.

MS. In 43 years, Lycia joined the Roman Empire. Festivals were held for the protector of the city of Olympos, for the Greek god Hephaistos. Emperor Hadrian's MS. The city also visited the city in 130 years.

Olympos was home to a bishop while the Roman Empire was in the process of Christianization. From the 3rd century onwards, the city's population gradually declined as pirates attacked the city and the city lost its importance.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, the city was rebuilt by the Genoese, the Venetians and the Knights of Rhodes, and was used as a commercial port during the crusades. The city of Olympos was abandoned during the Ottoman Empire's domination of the eastern Mediterranean in the 15th century. 

Olympos, including Turkey's southern coastline in the city of Antalya Olympos-Bey Mountains constitute a part of the National Park. Bey Mountains are located in the west wing of the Taurus mountain range. From the snowy hills, the turquoise color of the Mediterranean is seen among the lush pine and cedar trees.

Since Olympos is a ruin site, it has been prevented by law to be a major tourist center. In this way, the natural structure of the region has been preserved and Olympos has become a unique natural paradise for all visitors to enjoy. The ancient city was finally conquered by nature. In order to visit the city, you must make an adventurous journey through the forest, seeing the wild life and smelling the pine and laurel trees. The magnificent coastline doesn't just host sunbathing enthusiasts ...

In summer, large sea turtles come to Olympos-Çıralı beach to leave their eggs at night.

About Cirali

Çıralı town of Antalya Kemer attracts people with its historical richness as well as its "sun, sea and natural beauties". Olympos is located at the southern end of the ancient city, the north west of the Chimera (Chimera) is located. One of the cleanest places in the Mediterranean, Cirali beach is 3.2 km long. The beach rises from the sea with a soft slope.

It is bordered by rocks at both ends. In general, fine-grained high-quality sand structure. At the southern end of the stream passing through the ancient city of Olympos merges with the sea. You can enjoy the sea and sunbathe in Çirali which has a very clean sea. The fact that the settlement is very small adds to the beauty of the region.

The historical and natural wealth of Çıralı has been protected by developing legal status. Çıralı is in front of you with a renewed beauty tree, flowers and plants. This beauty creates a harmony of colors and smells. It will give you a lot of pleasure to see many of the extinct birds in the world together. One of the breeding areas of the world's endangered sea turtles (Caretta) is Çirali coast. Çıralı is also known as S SAKLI PARADISE ış, which is worthy of its name.

Markets of Kemer

There is a vegetable and fruit market behind the Post Office on Mondays in Kemer. On Tuesdays the textile market is established, the prices of the products you will find in the textile market in Kemer are more expensive than the shops on the street.

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