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Pamukkale Information

Pamukkale Information

Pamukkale Information

Pamukkale Information:

Pamukkale I think with white travertines and white castles almost resembled a fairy tale. I have learned that these beauties date back to 14 thousand years ago I did a research on the Pamukkale travertines in the World Heritage List. Unfortunately, we have done a lot of damage to the cottons in time. Pamukkale travertine consists of small small pools and it is free to enter these pools. However, due to the lack of adequate measures in time, some ponds have been subject to serious blackouts and distortions, and unfortunately it was not possible to correct them.

Information about Pamukkale travertines

I will try to give you information about Pamukkale, which is one of the unique beauties of our country, which is a very pleasant place to distribute healing. When I went to Pamukkale, I was incredibly impressed with those white travertines. I got into the travertines. Of course they want you to take off your shoes in order not to harm. Part of the water was tight, while some were cold. But it was a very different experience for me to walk around the hot areas and walk on the white travertines. I think everyone should go to Pamukkale at least once and have that experience. 

Even if it is a little late and some of the travertines are damaged, the necessary measures have been taken. Hotels and roads have been removed. After all, if Pamukkale travertines are not what it will do. I wish people could use some logic. To make money for you to save money to damage the structure of our country, but I think something.

How to get to Pamukkale?

Pamukkale Denizli is located within the boundaries of the city center of our city. Denizli Çardak Airport is located 63 km from Denizli city center. away. Transportation from the airport to the center by bus, taxi. If you want to go to Denizli with your own vehicle;

488 kilometers between Ankara and Denizli.

633 kilometers between Istanbul and Denizli.

268 kilometers between Izmir and Denizli.

If they do not have organized special tool to Denizli flights from many cities in Turkey. These buses can provide transportation.

You can go to Pamukkale travertines every day of the week for a certain fee. But I suggest you watch the sunset here. A great image is created.

Thermal hotels in Pamukkale

Pamukkale's thermal hotels, famous for its white travertines, are also very famous. Since this is a place where you can visit every season, summer has a certain tourist density. I went to Pamukkale in the winter. The thermal pool of the hotel was in the open area. We were swimming in hot thermal water the snow was falling. I can say it was an indescribable delight. There was a small part of the pool, and you wanted to go out, you went through the water, going through the chamber and going out into the enclosure and out of the water. So you didn't feel the ice cold. You're swimming in the enclosed space.

Historical places in Pamukkale

Come to historical places in Pamukkale. If you want to take advantage of the thermal waters from the pool and then visit the historical sites of this beautiful town, I will briefly tell you about the historical buildings in Pamukkale.

Ancient Pool, Antique Theater, Archeology Museum, Hierapolis, the ancient city of ancient Rome, is located in the upper part of the sacred ancient city. Laodikya ancient city, which is 5-10 kilometers away, is one of the special and historical places you can visit here.

Travertines of Pamukkale

We do not need to specify Pamukkale travertines in Pamukkale. Because you will not return to Pamukkale before you see that white symbol of Pamukkale. These travertines are actually rock fragments formed as a result of chemical reaction. The thermal water contained here leaves calcium carbonate on top of these rocks they meet with air. Here is a unique cotton-like appearance of Pamukkale travertines.

Pamukkale Hierapolis ancient town

This is the historical building you can visit in Pamukkale. It is a place that houses many historical buildings. Because of these historical buildings, it is called the holy city. Like Pamukkale travertines, this place is also part of the world heritage.

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