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About Ulupınar

About Ulupınar

About Ulupınar

About Ulupınar:

The village of Ulupinar is a settlement on the Kumluca highway on the Antalya-Kumluca highway, 3 km before the Çıralı Sapağı. From the moment you enter the highway, the smell of pine trees and the coolness of the plane trees will fascinate you. The restaurants here are built on the waterfalls and streams. Restaurants are designed for the comfort of the guests and are available all day long and you can find all the beauty of the Mediterranean cuisine.        

It is possible to find the tastes of the eastern regions, kebab varieties and lahmacun varieties, without any worry about the fish. What should be eaten, eat the same side of the food made of yoghurt with different flavors of ice-cold buttermilk on top and then a Turkish coffee should be drunk.

There is another alternative in these fish farms, those who love fishing, if they want to have this possibility. It is possible to fish by hunting fish and hunting the fish during the day with a fishing rod to be rented from the farm. This attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists who have hobby in fishing. The fish farms located in Ulupınar and its surroundings will leave you with the impression of a hidden paradise.

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