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About Serik

About Serik

About Serik

About Serik:

The first settlement in Serik was established in Sillyon, near the present-day Yanköy Village in the 2nd century BC, and in Aspendos in the Belkıs Village. Serikli, Seriklu community or tribal neck is located in the Ottoman finance and land registry records. At the last time in the Ottoman Empire, the town center is called Çandır town and Serik sancağı. During the Balkan War, Western Thrace Turks were immigrants and during the Cretan War, the Turks of Crete came to Serik.

Serik is surrounded by the center of Antalya in the west, Manavgat in the east, Bucak district of Burdur in the north and Sütçüler District of Isparta and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. District center, Antalya 38 km. east is. 22 km in the Mediterranean. has a coastline. District center 8 km. inside, 26 m from the sea. In height. It is located on a partially wavy plain terrain. The area of ​​the district is 1,550 km². 45,360 hectares of this is agricultural land and 65,764 hectares is forest land. According to 2015 data, the population of Serik is 120.111.


About Serik


The Mediterranean climate prevails in the district. Summers are dry and hot, winters are mild and rainy. Natural vegetation is the result of this climate. The most important rivers of the region are Köprüçayı and Aksu teas.

22 Km. The district of Belek, which has a coastline, is one of the touristic places of Belek. This town is one of the few places in terms of tourism both in the country and worldwide. It is especially famous for its modern facilities and the luxury resorts mentioned by golf. In addition to this, with the extension of the beach of Belek, Boğazkent town becomes important with its tourist facilities. Apart from sea tourism, Serikons world-known historical and touristic sites include places such as Aspendos and Sillyon. Apart from these, the Zeytinlitaş Cave in Akbaş Village is also important for the tourism of the district.

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