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About Perge

About Perge

About Perge

About Perge:

Perge is the closest Pamfilya city to Antalya. Perge, one of the cult centers of Artemis, the reputable goddess of antiquity, provided access to the sea through the Kestros (Aksu) River.

Per They sailed from Paphos (Southern Cyprus) to Peramée, Pamphylia, ge writes the Bible, the first missionary voyage to St. Paul and others. This expression reveals the relationship of the city with the sea. The gate opening to the Kestros River from the eastern walls of the city is known as the Port Gate, and it is explained by the fact that the boats can reach the city by the river.         

B.C. Perge, which was invaded by the Persians in the mid-6th century, was captured by Alexander the Great at the end of the 4th century. Kent, BC. At the beginning of the 2nd century, it was under the sovereignty of Rome and Bergama. Perge, the rich city of Pamphylia, reflected its wealth to the zoning of the city in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. From the beginning of the 2nd century on, the elite member of the Plancius family, who was frequently seen in the city's civil and public buildings, was the highest priest of the city, Artemis and the head priest of the Mother of Gods, Plancia Manga (Büyük Plancia). References, BC He writes that at the end of the 1st century, the homeland had migrated from Italy and that the family had a wide territory around the city. Sources indicate that the family spent a large portion of the revenue they earn for the reconstruction of the city.

In Perge, which is one of the important archaeological values ​​of Anatolia, the city buildings revealed over a period of more than half a century indicate the existence of an extraordinary settlement area.        

The ancient theater, which is understood to be one of the biggest theaters in the surrounding area, the stadion surrounded by shops, monumental city gates, majestic agora, baths, colonnaded street, stoa, monumental fountains and the monumental tombs on the west skirt of the acropolis hill, which was recently uncovered, are places of interest.

The modern living area around the numerous accommodation facilities built in the area where Kestros (Aksu) River flows about 10 kilometers south of Perge offers visitors the opportunity to see the history of thousands of years together.

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