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About Ovacik

About Ovacik

About Ovacik

About Ovacik:

Ovacık Plateau is located 24 km west of Kemer and has a large area. It is an ideal highland settlement with an elevation of 1100 m. In the last years, there are Teke Mountain with an altitude of 2150 m which is the favorite place of mountain climbers. From Ovacık plateau, you can enjoy the Mediterranean view over the coastal volcanoes. There is also a facility that serves as a Mountain Hotel, which can be accommodated in the region with nature. The economy of the neighborhood is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. In primary school, there is no primary school, but transported education is used.        

The neighborhood does not have a drinking water network and no sewerage network. There is no PTT branch and PTT agency. There is no health centers and health posts. The road that provides transportation to the neighborhood is asphalt and there is electricity and landline in the neighborhood. In addition to walnut cultivation in the region, people grow wheat in small plains and large plains.

Ovacık plateau location has been a transition point between Beydağları from past to present. Beycik-Goynuk Canyon and Phaselis - Goynuk Canyon are the historical Lycian roads. In addition, the Kemer Bey Mountains, which are located in the region, use the routes found in Ovacık Plateau, which is popular for both domestic and foreign nature with its hiking and cycling trails and jeep safari tours.

How to Get Ovacik Plateau?

Ovacik Plateau is 50 km away from Antalya city center and 64 km away from Kemer. It is possible to reach Kuzdere Mahallesi from Kemer from asphalt road by road. In summer, you can visit Ovacık Plateau with minibuses and private vehicles.

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