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About olimpos

About olimpos

About olimpos

About olimpos:

It is believed that the word "Olympos" means "ancient mountain" in ancient Greek. More than twenty mountains and hills have this name in the world, and some of the towns and cities in the vicinity are also called this. The most famous of these hills is the Thessalian hill, which is considered to be the home of the ancient Greek gods in the northeast of Greece. The ancient city of Olympos takes its name from the Tahtalı mountain, formerly known as the Olympos Mountain. Tahtalı Mountain is located 10 km north of the city and on its outskirts it is known as Yanartas, which is known to be named as Yanartas.       

Olympos was one of the most important cities of ancient Lycian civilization. The foundations of the city in the Hellenistic period, BC. Built around 300. It is known that during the years Alexander the Great began his conquests, he spent the winter months in Phaselis, a port city adjacent to Olympos.

For the first time in history, Olympus was able to trace its history. In the year 78, the Roman Governor Servilius Vatia was found in the year  he defeated Zenicetes, who was the greatest pirate of the time, in the sea battle. Zenicetes, who hid his ships in the secret ports of Porto Ceneviz and Sazak, under the domination of the entire coastline, made Olympos the fortress. The city was re-declared as "ager publicus" (Roman property to be sold or rented) after the Roman domination.     

It is said that the pirates organized strange sacrificial ceremonies and secret rites for the Persian god Mitras. Mitras was the pure god and the god of light in Persian mythology, which was widely believed in many of the eastern countries during those years.

MS. In 43 years, Lycia joined the Roman Empire. Festivals were held for the protector of the city of Olympos, for the Greek god Hephaistos. Emperor Hadrian's MS. The city also visited the city in 130 years.

Olympos was home to a bishop while the Roman Empire was in the process of Christianization. From the 3rd century onwards, the city's population gradually declined as pirates attacked the city and the city lost its importance.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, the city was rebuilt by the Genoese, the Venetians and the Knights of Rhodes, and was used as a commercial port during the crusades. The city of Olympos was abandoned during the Ottoman Empire's domination of the eastern Mediterranean in the 15th century. 

Olympos, including Turkey's southern coastline in the city of Antalya Olympos-Bey Mountains constitute a part of the National Park. Bey Mountains are located in the west wing of the Taurus mountain range. From the snowy hills, the turquoise color of the Mediterranean is seen among the lush pine and cedar trees.

Since Olympos is a ruin site, it has been prevented by law to be a major tourist center. In this way, the natural structure of the region has been preserved and Olympos has become a unique natural paradise for all visitors to enjoy. The ancient city was finally conquered by nature. In order to visit the city, you must make an adventurous journey through the forest, seeing the wild life and smelling the pine and laurel trees. The magnificent coastline doesn't just host sunbathing enthusiasts ...

In summer, large sea turtles come to Olympos-Çıralı beach to leave their eggs at night.

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