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About Konyaalti

About Konyaalti

About Konyaalti

About Konyaalti:

Konyaalti, Antalya is located in the west end, is a district of the same name with the famous beaches. The beach starts on the west side of the city where the cliffs end, and they are 4-5 km far from the port of Antalya. extends throughout. Antalya - Kemer is located on the highway, is the stop of local and foreign tourists. It is stated that today the region called Konyaalti has been called as Koyalti because of the location of Antalya on the cliffs until recently and it has been converted into Konyaaltı.

According to the settlement map of Anatolian Civilizations, Konyaaltı is located within the borders of Lycian. Lycia is the border with Pamphilya. B.C. It is known that the Lycian civilization, which dates back to 30 years, is located in Konyaalti and the name of the city is Olbia. The location of the Olbia, which is always discussed, central Deliktaş, Arapsuyu has been established in and around the mouth. 270 cm The remains of the early fortification walls and the quay blocks indicate that Olbia is a coastal settlement where the sea vehicles can dock. Solymler's trade in Termesos

About Konyaalti


and it is a small settlement established on the seaside for transportation purposes. However, this settlement has features over a demos. Olsseus's southern neighbor Olbia is the fifth city in Pampilia. The ancient sources, from Hierokles to Strabon, compared with each other and the remains found, make the place of Olbia in the Mediterranean geography as well as the present Arapsuyu.

Municipality organization was established in Konyaalti in 1994. Until 2008, the first meteorological municipality with 24 neighborhoods within the borders of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was the district with the Law No: 5747 on the Establishment of the District within the Borders of the Metropolitan Municipality and Amending Some of the Laws. With the same law, legal entities of Beldibi and Doyran first level municipalities were abolished and joined to Konyaalti Municipality together with their neighborhoods and the number of neighborhoods increased to 31. There are 10 villages in the district. According to 2015 data, the population of Konyaaltı is 154.920.

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