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About Gazipasa

About Gazipasa

About Gazipasa

About Gazipasa:

180 km. 10 km to the east. length and 7 km. It was founded on the Gazipaşa Plain on the Mediterranean coast. Mersin, Anamur, Karaman in the northeast, Ermenek, Sarıveliler in the north and Alanya in the west is adjacent. It is approximately 35 km. Parallel to the Mediterranean coast forming the southern borders. It is surrounded by Taurus Mountains, which extend from west to east. The length of the coastline of the district is approximately 50 km. It has very suitable beaches to enter the sea. Nearly half of the coastline is on the beach and the other part consists of rocky cliffs.        

The unknown or predicted history of Gazipaşa dates back quite long in the historical perspective. This historical adventure begins in 2000 BC. The Luwians, a branch of the Hittites, also lived in the region called Hittites Kizzuvatna (Çukurova) and Arzava (Antalya) countries. Due to the stay of Gazipaşa in this region, it is highly probable that the district began its historical journey with the Luwians - Hittites. As a matter of fact, the lion remains in the ruins around Karatepe confirm this information.

About Gazipasa


M.S. VI. Beginning from the century, the Southern Mediterranean was dominated by the Byzantine Empire. In this new period, Selinus, Seljuk Sultan I. Alaaddin Keykubat took Alanya in 1221, in the process of Turkishization of Pamphylia, Antalya and Alanya. Since the five large teas, which have originated from the Taurus Mountains and have been swamped into the sea from time to time, have been called as Selinti. During the Anatolian invasion of the Mongols in the 1268s, Selinti was within the boundaries of Konya and its sub-regions of the Anatolian Seljuk State.

During the period of the Anatolian principalities in 1335, Antalya and surrounding area remained in the Teke Principality, while Alanya, Selinti and the east of the North and the central Konya, Karamanoğulları dominated the center. In the Ottoman period, the captain Derya Gedik Ahmet Pasha included Alanya in 1470 and the Selinti, Anamur and Silifke regions in 1472 as the Karamanoğlu Principality. According to 2015 data, the population of Gazipaşa is 48.866.

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