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About Finike

About Finike

About Finike

About Finike:

Excavations near Elmalı revealed the settlement during the early bronze age. Although there are many historical ruins in the vicinity of Finike district and in the vicinity, they are not as old as the historical Semahöyük. The earliest findings of the archaeological surveys of these remains are those left from the Lycian civilization. The development of the Eastern Mediterranean trade first attracted the Persians, then Alexander the Great to Lycia, and Alexander the Great under the control of all Lycians in 330 BC. The Lycians could not resist this invasion and surrendered. The weakening of control after the death of Alexander the Great led to Syria, Egypt and Rhodes having a hegemony in Lycia from time to time.


About Finike


With the beginning of Early Christianity, Myra (Demre) became the center of Christianity spreading in the region. The Lycians who lost all their values ​​during the reign of the Hellenes and the Romans, went away with Byzantine domination. During the Byzantine period, the region, which had a short-term Arab attack and occupation, was under the control of the Anatolian Seljuk State between 1207 and 1308.

remained in control. In 1426 the Ottoman administration began. Finike was accidentally occupied by the Italians between 1919 and 1921 it was a district center attached to Elmalı in the Ottoman administration.

Finike has been an important loading and unloading port city throughout history. The Phoenicians, who is a sailor nation, have developed trade in their own time by selling the goods they have loaded from different ports of Finike and the Mediterranean to other harbors and have become rich. In the course of history, the harbor of Finike has been stagnant.

During the Republic period, the harbor remained long, and only fishing boats were sheltered for many years. In 1966, the construction of a new shelter for fishing boats and yachts in stormy weather started and this shelter was completed in 1970. Finike marina, the geographical and cultural location of Finike, combining yacht tourism, our county and our country provides significant contributions to our economy. This position has made Finike marina an important yachting center and has provided Finike with an international port city and yacht tourism center status. According to 2015 data, the population of Finike is 46.817.

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