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About Dosemealti

About Dosemealti

About Dosemealti

About Dosemealti:

Dosemealti 20 km from Antalya. away from Antalya - Burdur highway. It was founded as Kırkgöz - Yeniköy by taking families from Kırkgöz lake feeding the Duden waterfalls and in 1934 from the Kizilcadag area of ​​Korkuteli. Later on, 60 resettlement houses were built by Antalya Governor Haşim İşcan and 60 Turkish citizens coming from TRNC

It is arranged. It has become a village that has expanded as a nomadic nomadic nomad in the region.     

In 1970's, Dosemealti was connected to 23 villages in Kecezalti sub-district on kepez due to being Nahiye Directorate. Although the municipality of Dağbeli and Bademağacı was established in 1973, the fact that the district was close to Antalya enabled it to remain the center. Kırkgöz-Yeniköy reached a population of 2.711 in 17.12.1977 and established a municipal organization and received the title of Döşemealtı Town.

About Dosemealti


Yeniköy Döşemealtı was named after the pavement stone path in Derbent Strait, one of the roads connecting the cities of Pamphylia and Pisidia in ancient times. Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman period, which continued to function in the laying road until recently Yörükler was used as a way of migration. This road consisting of paving stones gives its name to the underglaze plateau and is 4 meters wide. For this reason, the people of the locality of the road passes through the Strait Strait, the road under the road, also called as Dosemealti.

For many years, the county has had an economy based on agriculture. Cotton, olive, wheat, barley, corn, oats, sesame, onions, citrus fruits and all kinds of vegetable and fruit production has been a source of livelihood. In addition, sheep and cattle breeding and underglaze carpets formed another source of livelihood. Today, urbanization and the city of Antalya, the central district of the world city, with the establishment of Dosemealti, Organized Industrial Zone, the employment employment has shifted in this direction. According to 2015 data, the population of Döşemealtı is 55.462.

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