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About Demre

About Demre

About Demre

About Demre:

Myra (Demre) is always known as one of the most important cities of Lycia. The earliest coins are dated to the 3rd century BC. But it is estimated that the city was founded in the 5th century BC. During the reign of Rome, Myra developed and prospered. During the Byzantine period, Myra became an important administrative and religious center. Myra is also the episcopal center. Nicholaus IV. At the beginning of the century, he served as Bishop, he became endearing to the public and suffered very much for his belief. Myra has always been a cross-shaped place since then. In this regard, Demre attracted the attention of the Christian World in all respects. Every year on December 6 it has become traditional to do Santa Claus activities.


About Demre

Demre (MYRA)

Most of the remains expected to be from an important city like Myra are not visible in Demre. Lycia's largest theater is still standing today, and this is also the best preserved theater of Lycia. The theater has a seating capacity of 29 and a seating capacity of 9-10 thousand spectators. Even today it is sometimes used for festivals and games.

Myra metropoli contains important examples of various types of Lycian tombs. The theater was divided into two parts as east and west metropoli and the rocky hill rising behind Myra was founded on the hill. The rocks were carved and the tombs were decorated with reliefs and writings. Another important relic. Nicholaus is the church. The church today is 7 m. below ground level. The bones of St.Nicholaus were found in a marble tomb within the church. But some bones were stolen by the Italians and kidnapped in Bari. A Russian prince had restored the Church in 1862. St. Nicholaus is considered very sacred in Russia. The Russians replaced the dome with a medicine vault by adding a church bell. Some of the bones are now being exhibited in the Antalya Museum. St. The children of Nicholaus are the patron saint of the sailors and the heavy workers. As it is known, all the children of the world are Santa Claus.

Demre, which gained the village status with the name Eynihal for the first time in 1904, with the merger of 4 villages on June 6, 1968, became the district with the name of Kale on 4 July 1987. The district was renamed Demre in 2005. According to 2015 data, Demre population is 26.180.

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