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About Cirali

About Cirali

About Cirali:

Çıralı town of Antalya Kemer attracts people with its historical richness as well as its "sun, sea and natural beauties". Olympos is located at the southern end of the ancient city, the north west of the Chimera (Chimera) is located. One of the cleanest places in the Mediterranean, Cirali beach is 3.2 km long. The beach rises from the sea with a soft slope.


At both ends it is bounded by rocks. Generally it has fine grained high quality sand structure. At the southern end of the ancient city of Olympos passing through the sea is merged with the sea. You can easily enjoy the sea and sunbathe in Çirali which is very clean sea. Very little build-up adds a unique beauty to the region.

Çıralı's historical and natural wealth is protected by the development of legal status. Çıralı comes with a renewed beauty tree, wild flowers and plants. This is a harmony of colors and fragrances. Seeing a combination of many of the birds that have started to become extinct in the world will give you a distinct pleasure. One of the breeding areas of the sea turtles (Caretta), which are endangered worldwide, is the Çirali coast. Çıralı is also known as "SAKLI CENNET".

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