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About Camyuva

About Camyuva

About Camyuva

About Camyuva:

Approximately 7.5 km from Kemer to the west. Camyuva is located in Kemer, one of the most popular holiday resorts of Antalya with its magnificent natural beauties, about 3 km. sandy beach, beach, sea and high quality hotels and holiday centers. In Çamyuva, holiday villages are located in a very controlled manner between the pine trees and the sea. From the outside, most facilities are almost invisible.

Çamyuva Places to visit and see - What to do in Çamyuva?

Camyuva beach and the sea also offer nice facilities for holidaymakers. You can sunbathe at Çamyuva beach, enjoy the clear sea and enjoy a variety of water sports facilities. About 3 km of sandy beach of Çamyuva is quite long and the hotel has its own beaches, and there is also a Çamyuva Public Beach for the holidaymakers. Access to Çamyuva Public Beach is free, but you pay the price for parasols (5 TL) and sunbeds (10 TL).


Phaselis Ruins, Ancient City and Beach

History of BC Phaselis, an ancient Lycian antique city based on 7th century, is one of the most important holiday and historical places to be seen in Antalya Kemer with its magnificent natural beauties, history and beach. Phaselis is 5.4 km from Camyuva. It is very close to the distance and it is one of the recommended places to visit and visit Çamyuva. With a day trip to Phaselis, you can visit the magnificent texture of the ancient city and enjoy the sea on the beautiful beach. The entrance to Phaselis Ruins is paid and Museum Card is valid. Parking is available.


Shopping in Camyuva - What to Buy in Çamyuva?

In Çamyuva, big and small bazaars, supermarkets, grocery stores and shops are full of holidaymakers and you can find everything you need with holiday. Jewelery, leather, carpets, rugs, clothing, regional flavors and souvenir shops are concentrated.

Food & Drink in Çamyuva - What to Eat in Çamyuva

The food and drink facilities in Çamyuva are very diverse. In Camyuva, it is possible to find all kinds of restaurants and cafes that are suitable for your taste. Seafood and herbs are popular in Camyuva where Mediterranean cuisine is popular. pumpkin cintmesi, eggplant cive, rice soup, palize and arapaşı are among the popular regional flavors in Camyuva.

Nightlife in Camyuva:

Night life in Camyuva is in a quiet mode. Live music, karaoke and various entertainment activities are organized at night in various cafes, restaurants and bars in Camyuva. Camyuva is the center of Kemer's popular and vibrant entertainment and nightlife, 12 km from the center of Kemer. In the center of Kemer where popular nightclubs and discos are located, you can have a nice entertainment and life experience.

Çamyuva Accommodation - Where to stay in Çamyuva

ÇAMYUVA; Unlike other resorts, Kiriş and Tekirova, as well as neighboring tourist resorts, are more than 5-star hotels and large holiday resorts offering ultra-inclusive and all-inclusive services.

How To Get To Camyuva? - Transportation to Camyuva

In order to get to Camyuva, you have to come to Antalya. 52 km from Antalya to Kemer Kumluca. then you reach Çamyuva. Kemer is about 7.5 km. Away. There are regular bus services from the Antalya terminal.

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