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General information about Kaş | Places to visit in Kas | Antalya | Kas

General information about Kaş | Places to visit in Kas | Antalya | Kas

General information about Kaş

The name Habesos, proved by archaeological finds, is the oldest name of the ancient city.

The ancient city was named Antiphellos in history. Located at the intersection of roads connecting the Caria and Lycia regions, Antiphellos is also a commercial port. It was under the sovereignty of the Kingdom during the Anatolian campaign of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia. After Alexander's death at a young age, the region changed hands between the Seleucids and the Ptolemy.

The ancient city gained importance during the Roman period and became the center of Episcopacy during the Byzantine Period. It was subjected to Arab invasions in this period and later it was named Andifli by being included in Anatolian Seljuk lands. After the collapse of the Anatolian Seljuk State, the Tekeogullari Principality took over and later the Ottoman Empire added the district to the territory during Yildirim Beyazit period.

Places to visit in Kas

Kaş is a touristic center on the west coast of Antalya.It is the 4th largest district of Antalya in terms of face measurement. So much so that Kas is a tourist paradise for us. They cannot say that we saw Kaş without visiting around Kaş. Kas, which hosts a lot of natural wonders. He manages to make himself fall in love. Nature tourism lair, diving tourism, camping tourism, hotels with unique views of all kinds of tourism hosts.As well as exquisite boutique hotels, there are many hotels that cater to luxury tourism.You can't go to Kas and go back to Kekova without visiting the area. The world famous Santa Claus Museum, Letoon, Xhantos, Myra Ancient Cities, which bear all traces of history, are highly recommended.

 Top 10 places to see in Kas.

The 10 best places to visit in Kaş. Natural beauties, historical monuments, ancient cities, beaches, museums, caves carefully selected from among the compiled for you.

Kaş Information | Kas Ruins | Historical places in Kaş Antalya
Kaş Information, Kas Ruins, Historical places in Kaş Antalya, General information about Kaş, Places to visit in Kas in

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