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About Saklikent Canyon | History of Saklikent Canyon

About Saklikent Canyon | History of Saklikent Canyon

History of Saklikent Canyon

It is reported that the Saklikent Canyon, which was discovered by chance when a few shepherd's animals enter the canyon area, has been known to the public since 1989.In the canyon, which contains 16 caves, traces of life dating back to 3,000 years ago have been identified. Foreign Minister Erdal Inonu period of 1995. Turkey and the world heard the name of the canyon after a visit to Hidden City, was taken to the national park status in 1996.You can walk to a certain place within the canyon. However, due to severe water flow and sharp rocks, walking is quite troublesome. So you need to use rubber shoes while walking.Accidents with injuries can occur when walking with slippers, wet ground and heavy water flow.At the entrance of the canyon, the wooden piers placed on the rocks on the Eşen River are moving forward. After the wooden piers, the ice-cold water of the Eşen Stream flows into the narrow valley.

Saklıkent Canyon

Saklıkent Canyon is the best known place of Saklıkent National Park, which is located within the borders of Antalya and Muğla. It contains the source of a branch of Eşen Stream. The canyon is approximately 200 km from Antalya, 47 km from Fethiye and 64 km from Kas.

The area where you can walk with your daily clothes is not very long. After passing through the toll booths, you pass through the road / bridge to the canyon slopes and come to a striking area with large trees. The water boiling here, the waterfalls of various sizes pouring from the surrounding slopes and the sound of water is very beautiful.

Here you can sit in the relaxation area or in the cafeteria. You need special shoes and clothes for this section. You need to go through the water to advance into the inner parts of the canyon. Rubber shoes can be rented in this area.

How to get to Saklıkent Canyon | Where is Saklıkent Canyon

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